The Demand

With the increase of technology, so goes the increased need for technicians. South Plains College's Diesel Service Technology program is proud to be a part of this current technology. There are constant requests from potential employers for graduates of our program, with employers representing many different service fields and geographic areas. There is a predicted shortage of 100,000 trained technicians for the approaching decade in the southwest United States alone. Beginning with 2007 model year highway vehicles, the emissions standards are causing these newer engines to have an exhaust that is cleaner than the intake air! With this level of technology, there will be an increase in demand for skilled, trained entry technicians. The oil industry is busting wide open. This also creates a rise in demand.


We all like plenty of money. Our graduates typically start between $10.00 and $14.00 per hour with some slightly higher, depending on field of service, location, grades and attendance. We have a number of extraordinary success stories from our graduates with some leading to supervisory positions. Depending on company, location and skill, earnings potential can reach between $60,000 and $100,000 per YEAR!


The Diesel Service Technology program is proud to have a 100% placement rate of our graduates for 10 years straight. We just need more students to meet the growing demand. At present the demand is out-stripping our supply of graduates! A large number of our students who are about to graduate will typically have 2-3 job offers to consider. Many are employed (conditional on completion) before graduation.




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