The Equipment 

We have a large variety of equipment on hand to provide you with up to date training that will equip you to enter this career. Anything from a basic diesel engine to computer controlled varieties. Additionally, there are abundant training modules for your educational use in all of our diesel technology courses. Our equipment is updated and kept current through direction of an advisory committee made up of industry representatives so that we may provide what is needed for the service fields.


The Detroit Series 60 engine depicted here (left) is one of the newest hi-tech engines available. However, it must still be regularly serviced by skilled technicians. Our aim at South Plains College is to provide quality education and training so you may be a part of the demand. During your training period at South Plains College, you will work on a variety of engines performing rebuilds, tune-up and troubleshooting.


The Cummins is an older model (right) but there are thousands of these engines still in operation in a wide variety of industries. This is just a sample of the hands-on skills that we emphasize. Yes, we do spend some time in the classroom, but the knowledge is put into practice for the majority of your training.






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