Careers Associated With The Field:


Alternative Energy - The recent boom in the wind and solar energy industry has created a shortage of trained technicians to troubleshoot, service, maintain and install wind and solar energy systems. Students enrolling in this option will train on units ranging from small residential to large wind and solar farm operations.

Electronics Technician - There is a big demand for electronic technicians in industries such as semiconductor manufacturing industry, biomedical electronics, communications, instrumentation, consumer and commercial electronic product servicing, manufacturing production, and many other career options.

Mechatronics Technician - This option is ideal for students interested in entering a career in industries which contain heavy equipment such as industrial motors, generators, and hydraulic controlled equipment. These technicians would find work in industries like cotton gin management and operations, oil, gas, and electricity processing plants, and manufacturing maintenance.

Manufacturing Machinist - Students enrolled in this option will prepare for careers in the manufacturing industry including computer aided design and machining. The manufacturing machinist option is designed to train the student to operate precision machine tools. The machinist makes use of different machine tools to form various types of metal stock into usable machine parts. A machinist is skilled in the setup and operation of machine tools such as the lathe, milling machine, shaper, drill press and grinders. The machinist uses machine skills, mathematics, precision measuring and layout and metal working hand tools to mold raw metals into precision products.

Networking Technician - This option allows students to train as a computer and network technician in the growing computer/networking communications industry.

Available Campuses: Levelland, Reese, ATC and Plainview

We offer a degree as well as an advanced certificate.



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