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    CONTACT: Myrna Whitehead



    SPC honors students named to spring 2012 Dean’s lists


    LEVELLAND – South Plains College recently recognized students achieving academic excellence by naming them to the President’s and Dean’s Honor Lists for spring 2012 semester.

    “Achieving such a high grade point average is a great accomplishment, and it is very rewarding and exciting to see so many students accomplish this honor,” said Darrell Grimes, vice president of academic affairs.

    Students named to the Dean’s Honor List earned at least a 3.25 grade point average with no failing grades while carrying at least 12 credit hours.

    They are:


    Christopher J. Abalos, Abernathy
    Laurie J. Campbell, Abernathy
    Robin M. Cornett, Abernathy
    Justin W. Shadden, Abernathy
    Lauren C. White, Abernathy
    Charles B. Word, Abernathy
    Ashley K. Reddell, Abilene
    Sarah G. Reddell, Abilene
    Zachary T. Freeman, Albany
    Matthew L. Kiker, Allison
    Asa G. Daugherty, Alpine
    Danielle P. Patterson, Amherst
    Victoria K. Marriott, Anton
    Christine R. McCasland, Anton
    Lloyd W. Morgan, Big Spring
    Jacob R. Scheller, Borger
    Austin L. Arguellez, Brownfield
    Leanna G. Campos, Brownfield
    Margarita I. Castilleja, Brownfield
    Jamie L. Cavazos, Brownfield
    Jacey D. Dorsett, Brownfield
    Ernesto P. Elizardo, Brownfield
    David G. Gryder, Brownfield
    Makayla D. Kinney, Brownfield
    Vanessa Morin, Brownfield
    Vicky L. Quilantan, Brownfield
    Edgar Rivera, Brownfield
    Sheri D. Robertson, Brownfield
    Julia T. Rodriguez, Brownfield
    Luciano R. Soliz, Brownfield
    Sunny Vernon, Brownfield
    Rebecca J. Wolford, Brownfield
    Corey H. Sanchez, Brownwood
    Tanner A. Clark, Canyon Lake
    Trenton C. Elrod, Canyon Lake
    Jake W. Hargett, Coleman
    Mark A. Pereida, Crosbyton
    Sylvester E. Ruiz, Crosbyton
    Lindsay L. Meeves, Dalhart
    Taylor W. Routon, Dalhart
    Brenda Prentiss, Dallas
    Ashley N. Roberts, Dallas
    Andrew N. Sprague, Darrouzett
    Kallie S. Clark, Denver City
    Edgar A. Fonseca, Denver City
    Herlinda G. Mendoza, Denver City
    Yesenia Ortega, Denver City
    Kristian M. Torres, Denver City
    Fabian B. Diaz, Dimmitt
    Gillian P. Gonzales, Dimmitt
    Shea E. Myatt, Dimmitt
    Sarah C. Dodson, Dumas
    William S. French, El Paso
    Jocelyn Bartum-Torres, Euless
    Kaylyn B. Meyer, Farwell
    Lauryn E. Meyer, Farwell
    Victor A. Rodriguez, Farwell
    Zachary G. Homer, Flower Mound
    Jessica M. Castaneda-James, Floydada
    Breann T. Gooch, Floydada
    Diane A. Lerma, Floydada
    Avery R. Miller, Floydada
    Sarah J. Miller, Floydada
    Elizabeth M. Suarez, Floydada
    Vicki L. Barge, Fort Davis
    Ryan L. Barriga, Fort Stockton
    Steven A. Bentley, Friona
    Jose A. Mendoza, Friona
    Lana D. McNeill, Guthrie
    Patrick Baca, Hale Center
    John H. Young, Hale Center
    John M. Gonzalez, Hamlin
    Johnny D. Phillips, Happy
    Jana D. Wiginton, Harper
    William J. Waltrip, Hewitt
    Donald R. Axtell, Idalou
    Sonya N. Blanks, Idalou
    Constance F. Orona, Idalou
    Jacob K. Weldon, Jacksboro
    Tyeisha S. Mitchell, Katy
    Arlene L. McDaniel, Kermit
    Raychel L. Williams, Kermit
    Mack D. Lees, Kress
    Rusty F. Trowbridge, La Vernia
    Jordan S. Bowler, Lake Jackson
    Cameron C. Roy, Lamesa
    Anna K. Weatherman, Lamesa
    Theta R. Ainsworth, Levelland
    Manuel A. Alvidrez, Levelland
    Elizabeth G. Anthony, Levelland
    Heather D. Awbrey, Levelland
    Brittany N. Benton, Levelland
    Britt L. Brashear, Levelland
    Ashley B. Bryant, Levelland
    Chase M. Campbell, Levelland
    Melissa F. Constancio, Levelland
    Mariah H. Corwin, Levelland
    Calley S. Cox, Levelland
    Susan E. Duff, Levelland
    Kaitlyn E. Evans, Levelland
    Morgan D. Evans, Levelland
    Julie L. Fortner, Levelland
    Lucy N. Fortune, Levelland
    Samantha D. Gonzales, Levelland
    Natoya V. Goule, Levelland
    Mario Granados, Levelland
    Timothy S. Griesdorn, Levelland
    Brandace R. Harvill, Levelland
    Veronica M. Hernandez, Levelland
    Dillon K. Horton, Levelland
    William E. Ighobue, Levelland
    Brianne K. Inmon, Levelland
    Tanner W. Jackson, Levelland
    Alexis C. Jaramillo, Levelland
    Evan A. Johnson, Levelland
    Charles J. Kotarski, Levelland
    Colton G. Logan, Levelland
    Stephanie M. Martinez, Levelland
    Sierra A. Monreal, Levelland
    Samuel A. Moody, Levelland
    Christopher L. Morales, Levelland
    Dillon W. Morrow, Levelland
    Paris M. Parcels, Levelland
    Pricilla Perez, Levelland
    Chamarae M. Polk, Levelland
    Karleigh S. Porterfield, Levelland
    Christopher W. Reid, Levelland
    Amber L. Reyes, Levelland
    Mireyna Reyes, Levelland
    Peter C. Ritchie, Levelland
    Coleman W. Scroggins, Levelland
    Ashlyn N. Shanafelt, Levelland
    Charles N. Simpson, Levelland
    Weston C. Smith, Levelland
    Adam H. Urbanczyk, Levelland
    Victoria J. Vanzandt, Levelland
    Priscilla A. Vasquez, Levelland
    Blake D. Wheeler, Levelland
    Jhett R. Wilcox, Levelland
    Justin T. Williams, Levelland
    Joanna L. York, Levelland
    Kellie N. Young, Levelland
    Javier A. Zaragoza, Levelland
    Stefan S. Anderson, Littlefield
    Aimee E. Booth, Littlefield
    Melissa A. Cristan, Littlefield
    Kaegan B. Davis, Littlefield
    Elizabeth N. Dickson, Littlefield
    Sarah A. Dyess, Littlefield
    Tanner G. Foley, Littlefield
    Crystal R. Herrera, Littlefield
    Juan A. Ibarra, Littlefield
    John M. Ingle, Littlefield
    Christie M. Lazo, Littlefield
    Crystal N. Martinez, Littlefield
    Rene J. Mendez, Littlefield
    Miguel E. Ojeda, Littlefield
    Efraim J. Rueda, Littlefield
    Desiree A. Trevino, Littlefield
    Yvellisse M. Zamora, Littlefield
    Ashleigh G. Jones, Lockney
    Erika A. Morrison, Lockney
    Laura L. Morrison, Lockney
    Chase W. Thompson, Lockney
    Berenise Gonzalez, Lorenzo
    Kelly N. Smith, Lorenzo
    Ashley L. Adams, Lubbock
    Holly A. Aiken, Lubbock
    Adrianna M. Alaniz, Lubbock
    Brandon G. Allison, Lubbock
    Hunter R. Allison, Lubbock
    Brandon J. Alvarado, Lubbock
    Ronald G. Alvarado, Lubbock
    Marc J. Anderson, Lubbock
    Seth B. Anderson, Lubbock
    Savannah R. Arendell, Lubbock
    Amy K. Armes, Lubbock
    Caitlin E. Arthur, Lubbock
    Amanda J. Asmussen, Lubbock
    Nadine F. Atah, Lubbock
    Sar'litha S. Autry, Lubbock
    Ashley V. Azua, Lubbock
    Dakota A. Baker, Lubbock
    Ashley P. Barnhill, Lubbock
    Valerie A. Barrera, Lubbock
    Andrew C. Barron, Lubbock
    John E. Beard, Lubbock
    Susana F. Beltran, Lubbock
    Tracey M. Benefield, Lubbock
    Michelle A. Bernal, Lubbock
    Andressa R. Bertaioli, Lubbock
    Krysta L. Betenbough, Lubbock
    Mason W. Bishop, Lubbock
    Kristen M. Blackburn, Lubbock
    Brayden J. Blackwell, Lubbock
    Teodoro O. Bordeos, Lubbock
    Francisco P. Borrego, Lubbock
    Rachel J. Bounds, Lubbock
    Amy R. Brazell, Lubbock
    Amy D. Bridges, Lubbock
    Alyssa D. Brown, Lubbock
    Tanner Brown, Lubbock
    Bianca M. Browning, Lubbock
    Al S. Burgos, Lubbock
    Micheal B. Burnes, Lubbock
    Amberly B. Burrow, Lubbock
    Amanda N. Butchee, Lubbock
    Rashidah L. Butler, Lubbock
    Danika Cardona, Lubbock
    Elias M. Carrillo, Lubbock
    Brittany H. Carroll, Lubbock
    Richard T. Carroll, Lubbock
    David A. Carter, Lubbock
    Velma D. Carter, Lubbock
    Candace A. Casarez, Lubbock
    Jose A. Casas, Lubbock
    Tiffany N. Castaneda, Lubbock
    Gabrielle B. Castro, Lubbock
    Mathusalen Castro, Lubbock
    Kendra N. Cathey, Lubbock
    Danielle M. Cervantez, Lubbock
    Aaron K. Chapman, Lubbock
    Jintao Chen, Lubbock
    Andrea R. Claybrook, Lubbock
    Konnor D. Clem, Lubbock
    Tanisha L. Conley, Lubbock
    Meagan A. Conner, Lubbock
    Tobias J. Contreras, Lubbock
    Sarah E. Cook, Lubbock
    Tammy D. Corn, Lubbock
    Kailey D. Crump, Lubbock
    Zachary T. Cruz, Lubbock
    Jennifer A. Cummings, Lubbock
    Gabriela Dabila, Lubbock
    Cathryn L. Dale, Lubbock
    Reena Dangol, Lubbock
    Jordan K. Daniel, Lubbock
    Jeffrey M. David, Lubbock
    Rochelle N. Davidson, Lubbock
    Denise R. Davis, Lubbock
    Zachary A. Davis, Lubbock
    Ashley N. Decker, Lubbock
    Cristin N. Deloach, Lubbock
    Sarah Delossantos, Lubbock
    Evan M. Denton, Lubbock
    Garrett A. Dewbre, Lubbock
    Jaslyn A. Diaz, Lubbock
    Toni L. Dirickson, Lubbock
    Andrew T. Driscoll, Lubbock
    Alexis D. Dunn, Lubbock
    Camron R. Dunn, Lubbock
    Jesse L. Duran, Lubbock
    Barbara M. Eckert, Lubbock
    Linda C. Eckert, Lubbock
    Karl C. Edler, Lubbock
    Dustin Ely, Lubbock
    Leticia Esparza, Lubbock
    James M. Eudy, Lubbock
    Evan C. Everett, Lubbock
    Greg D. Faz, Lubbock
    Christopher R. Ferrell, Lubbock
    Angelina P. Flores, Lubbock
    Ashley N. Flores, Lubbock
    Erika N. Flores, Lubbock
    Ethan C. Flores, Lubbock
    Gilde M. Flores, Lubbock
    Judson H. Fontenot, Lubbock
    Stelle Darelle Fopa Yemeli, Lubbock
    Kyle J. Frederich, Lubbock
    Laura C. Freedman, Lubbock
    Meagan L. Fuentes, Lubbock
    Rebecca L. Fuller, Lubbock
    Patrick I. Gallegos, Lubbock
    Pete Gallegos, Lubbock
    Elizabeth Galvan, Lubbock
    Austin J. Ganaway, Lubbock
    David Garcia, Lubbock
    Erica M. Garcia, Lubbock
    Gabriel V. Garcia, Lubbock
    Juanita T. Garcia, Lubbock
    Mary Rose D. Garcia, Lubbock
    Melynda D. Garcia, Lubbock
    Brandon M. Garrett, Lubbock
    Joshua D. Gary, Lubbock
    Cristina A. Garza, Lubbock
    Dustin C. Gault, Lubbock
    Matthew J. Gellene, Lubbock
    Travis A. George, Lubbock
    Crystal N. Gomez, Lubbock
    David Gonzales, Lubbock
    Matthew A. Gonzales, Lubbock
    Paul V. Gonzalez, Lubbock
    Monica J. Gooch, Lubbock
    Ashley D. Goolsby, Lubbock
    Maggie A. Graves, Lubbock
    Jordan A. Griffin, Lubbock
    Mateo J. Grimaldo, Lubbock
    Jessica L. Grossman, Lubbock
    Clinton A. Haile, Lubbock
    Jarron T. Hale, Lubbock
    Teri L. Hamer, Lubbock
    Kristen M. Hanselman, Lubbock
    Ameer J. Haron, Lubbock
    Brandon K. Harper, Lubbock
    Mary R. Harris, Lubbock
    David C. Hastings, Lubbock
    Logan J. Haviland, Lubbock
    Ashley B. Hays, Lubbock
    Kensey R. Henderson, Lubbock
    Alejandra Hernandez, Lubbock
    Efrain A. Hernandez, Lubbock
    Joanna A. Hernandez, Lubbock
    Rigoberto Hernandez, Lubbock
    Christopher R. Herrera, Lubbock
    Joshua W. Herring, Lubbock
    Charles T. Hill, Lubbock
    Felicia L. Hill, Lubbock
    Cody L. Hoeffner, Lubbock
    Danyella N. Howell, Lubbock
    Gary C. Hyden, Lubbock
    Krista J. Jackson, Lubbock
    Melissa A. Jay, Lubbock
    Maggie N. Jesko, Lubbock
    Aaron N. Jimenez, Lubbock
    Brianna K. Johnson, Lubbock
    Christina L. Johnson, Lubbock
    Karen G. Johnson, Lubbock
    Michael W. Joiner, Lubbock
    Jeremy C. Jones, Lubbock
    Stormy L. Joplin, Lubbock
    Alexandria M. Juarez, Lubbock
    Theodore D. Kemp, Lubbock
    Samuel D. Kirk, Lubbock
    Kelley L. Knotts, Lubbock
    Nesley K. Kunkel, Lubbock
    Mark D. Lange, Lubbock
    Crystal L. Langham, Lubbock
    Delphia M. Latzel, Lubbock
    Lyn C. Lawrence, Lubbock
    Cristan D. Ledbetter, Lubbock
    Clint C. Lemon, Lubbock
    Jordan C. Lester, Lubbock
    Lucila Lim, Lubbock
    Moses Lira, Lubbock
    Crystal L. Lomas, Lubbock
    Hillary S. Long, Lubbock
    Lorenzo J. Losolla, Lubbock
    Robert A. Lozoya, Lubbock
    Jessica R. MacDougal, Lubbock
    Sally A. Madrigal, Lubbock
    Kari E. Maeker, Lubbock
    Kara E. Mahsetky, Lubbock
    Ashley N. Mandrell, Lubbock
    Aubrey R. Martinez, Lubbock
    Jonathan S. Maxey, Lubbock
    Barkley K. McClellan, Lubbock
    Cheyenne A. McClure, Lubbock
    John M. McCoy, Lubbock
    Jacque M. McGriff, Lubbock
    John D. McLain, Lubbock
    Dawn H. McPherson, Lubbock
    Dustin L. Mellenbruch, Lubbock
    Patricia M. Mendez, Lubbock
    Matthew S. Merriott, Lubbock
    Kenan S. Miller, Lubbock
    Laryssa J. Millis, Lubbock
    Shamika J. Mitchell, Lubbock
    Gabriel A. Molina, Lubbock
    Aaron M. Morales, Lubbock
    Michelle A. Morazan, Lubbock
    Tommy A. Munos, Lubbock
    Elizabeth A. Munoz, Lubbock
    Breeanna D. Musgrove, Lubbock
    Mackaylla S. Nabors, Lubbock
    Jason M. Newman, Lubbock
    Adam L. Newton, Lubbock
    Monica S. Niavez, Lubbock
    Tatum P. Noble, Lubbock
    Tara S. Noletubby, Lubbock
    Zahid Noor, Lubbock
    Kerri D. O'Neal, Lubbock
    Jena A. Ochoa, Lubbock
    Amee A. Odom, Lubbock
    Peter Okello, Lubbock
    Olamide O. Olaniran, Lubbock
    Erika L. Olivas, Lubbock
    Timothy J. Oney, Lubbock
    Briana R. Ortiz, Lubbock
    Nicole D. Ortiz, Lubbock
    Maria A. Palacios, Lubbock
    Mathews Pappachen, Lubbock
    Ashley D. Parmer, Lubbock
    Alan G. Parra, Lubbock
    Alexis N. Parrish, Lubbock
    Haleigh E. Pena, Lubbock
    Ashley N. Perkins, Lubbock
    London B. Phillips, Lubbock
    Letitia R. Plata, Lubbock
    Cato L. Platt, Lubbock
    Keevin D. Pruitt, Lubbock
    Carlos A. Quintana, Lubbock
    Sarah E. Quisenberry, Lubbock
    Ezekiel C. Ramirez, Lubbock
    Victoria M. Ramirez, Lubbock
    Kathryn A. Randolph, Lubbock
    Alyssa M. Reichert, Lubbock
    Clay A. Reilly, Lubbock
    Bobby C. Reyes, Lubbock
    Maurkita L. Rhodes, Lubbock
    Marco A. Ricaldi, Lubbock
    Tamara L. Rickey, Lubbock
    Monica N. Rivera, Lubbock
    Rebeca B. Rivero, Lubbock
    Cassiopeia L. Roberson, Lubbock
    Patricia D. Robison, Lubbock
    Thomas L. Rocha, Lubbock
    Kimberly R. Rodriguez, Lubbock
    Nicholas R. Rodriguez, Lubbock
    Samantha G. Rodriguez, Lubbock
    George O. Roessler, Lubbock
    Paul L. Rogers, Lubbock
    Audrianna R. Rojas, Lubbock
    Jordan V. Rojas, Lubbock
    Vicente C. Rubio, Lubbock
    Sarai Sabinas, Lubbock
    Celene Sanchez, Lubbock
    Brenda S. Sanders, Lubbock
    Jessica Saucedo, Lubbock
    Tomas J. Sawyer, Lubbock
    Jayce R. Saye, Lubbock
    Cody A. Schierbaum, Lubbock
    Rachelle J. Schiffner, Lubbock
    Jordan H. Scott, Lubbock
    Maisie M. Sena, Lubbock
    Tiffany E. Serna, Lubbock
    Seth M. Shawger, Lubbock
    Donna M. Sherrard, Lubbock
    Beverly Sherrill, Lubbock
    Wade E. Sigur, Lubbock
    Bodie B. Simpson, Lubbock
    Heather J. Skelly-Ferguson, Lubbock
    Laina R. Smires, Lubbock
    Tyler L. Snelson, Lubbock
    Nathan C. Son, Lubbock
    Brigitte R. Soria, Lubbock
    Kaylee L. Spear, Lubbock
    David G. Springer, Lubbock
    Raven P. Stapleton, Lubbock
    Alison P. Steiwig, Lubbock
    Maghen N. Stennett, Lubbock
    Robert E. Stephens, Lubbock
    Ekaterina A. Stepnova, Lubbock
    Alyssa L. Stevens, Lubbock
    Ruben A. Subia, Lubbock
    Devyn K. Sullivan, Lubbock
    Samiullah S. Suteria, Lubbock
    Kristina A. Taylor, Lubbock
    Valerie E. Taylor, Lubbock
    Jordan G. Terry, Lubbock
    Trey D. Teter, Lubbock
    Nicholas B. Tidwell, Lubbock
    Trisha D. Tilton, Lubbock
    Theresa N. Tokar, Lubbock
    Patrick A. Tone, Lubbock
    Robert John G. Torio, Lubbock
    Jazmin Torres, Lubbock
    Daniel G. Trevino, Lubbock
    Sha'kera K. Trimble, Lubbock
    Ryne B. Trout, Lubbock
    Ashmi Upadhyaya, Lubbock
    Matthew B. Valdez, Lubbock
    Matthew C. Vasquez, Lubbock
    Jessica K. Waits, Lubbock
    Dane C. Walker, Lubbock
    Yerus R. Walker, Lubbock
    Joshua E. Walters, Lubbock
    Ashley J. Waner, Lubbock
    Steven R. Warren, Lubbock
    Courtney E. Webb, Lubbock
    Erica H. Webb, Lubbock
    Richard D. Webb, Lubbock
    Gillian A. Welch, Lubbock
    Tina R. Welch, Lubbock
    Simonnold D. Wescott, Lubbock
    Evan L. Whetzel, Lubbock
    Jason L. White, Lubbock
    Justin J. Widener, Lubbock
    Lauren M. Will, Lubbock
    Sara R. Williams, Lubbock
    Robyn D. Woodward, Lubbock
    Taylor G. Word, Lubbock
    Arturo Ybarra, Lubbock
    Robin S. Yett, Lubbock
    Alexandra R. Young, Lubbock
    Ruben Young, Lubbock
    Daniel Zamarripa, Lubbock
    Danielle J. Zapata, Lubbock
    Barney M. Smith, Maryneal
    Ismael J. Duarte, Mason
    Rachel N. Acosta, Meadow
    Ruben J. Sanchez, Meadow
    Paul M. Hedman, Mesquite
    Ashley M. Sursely, Midlothian
    Chanzlee A. Alvarado, Morton
    Shannon M. Prieto, Morton
    Angela L. Roberts, Morton
    Juan O. Avila, Muleshoe
    Randall R. Bohler, Muleshoe
    Carina Hernandez, Muleshoe
    Gabriela D. Perez, Muleshoe
    Jill L. Waggoner, Muleshoe
    Chelsea B. Schulte, Nazareth
    Hesston G. Krause, New Braunfels
    Sarah K. Clem, New Home
    Tyler S. Hendricks, Odessa
    Kirsten C. Taylor, Odessa
    Steven Z. Mayers, Olney
    Rose M. Curry, Olton
    Jason B. Davis, Olton
    Lea Falcon, Olton
    Rhonda R. Green, Olton
    Bonnie E. Lee, Ovilla
    Jayce T. Logan, Ozona
    Travis L. Gray, Panhandle
    Casey T. Bullard, Paris
    Miguel R. Carnero, Perryton
    Lesley D. Garland, Perryton
    Dakota M. Earnest, Plains
    Guadalupe Lara, Plains
    Jonathon N. Lira, Plains
    Shalin J. Taylor, Plains
    Fabian G. Zaragoza, Plains
    Agustin Aguilera, Plainview
    Maria E. Cervantes, Plainview
    Laura G. Diaz, Plainview
    Natalia N. Garcia, Plainview
    Ricardo Garcia, Plainview
    Maria I. Ibarra, Plainview
    Luis G. Montelongo, Plainview
    Willie Rodriguez, Plainview
    Aaron M. Shackelford, Plainview
    Irma Y. Simental, Plainview
    Kayla K. Summers, Plainview
    Brittney E. Waters, Plainview
    Cody A. Angel, Port Aransas
    Natalie M. Moralez, Post
    Melody J. Bowman, Ralls
    Brittany R. Horton, Ralls
    Julia-Anne M. Ramirez, Ralls
    John S. Ridley, Ransom Canyon
    Colton B. Hill, Rising Star
    Christopher P. Beherns, Robinson
    Tara L. Varga, Rocksprings
    Brooke J. Bryant, Ropesville
    Mary K. Waller, Ropesville
    Karen F. Ward, Ropesville
    Cody T. Kastler, Runaway Bay
    Andrew T. Cosper, Salado
    Brett C. Wesley, San Angelo
    Matthew D. Gray, Sanger
    Ruben G. Valles, Seagraves
    Tanna B. Wieler, Seagraves
    Ryan F. Coon, Seminole
    Benny P. Klassen, Seminole
    Chase R. Shoemake, Seminole
    Bailey L. Latham, Seymour
    Ford S. Allison, Shallowater
    Levi C. Allison, Shallowater
    Elizabeth A. Wiggins, Shallowater
    Danielle N. Youngquist, Shallowater
    Cade B. Vinyard, Shamrock
    Keyla Kothman, Sheffield
    Chelsea L. Francis, Slaton
    Julie M. Garza, Slaton
    Kendra I. Hernandez, Slaton
    Darryl A. Hunn, Slaton
    Lisa M. Lara, Slaton
    Kelsey B. Mazurek, Slaton
    Scott K. Vardeman, Slaton
    Miguel A. Yanez, Slaton
    Elizabeth H. Orosco, Smyer
    Patricia A. Villanueva, Smyer
    Tenley M. Howell, Spur
    Brady W. Owen, Stamford
    Channing A. Zieman, Stratford
    Xavier Cruz, Sudan
    Juan M. Moron, Sudan
    Zachary D. Richards, Sudan
    Qushanda L. Wilson, Sudan
    Mackinzie M. Arellano, Sundown
    Britni L. Cantu, Sundown
    Kavin J. Comer, Sundown
    Sarah H. Elam, Sundown
    Amanda G. Russell, Sundown
    Skyelar C. Strickland, Sundown
    Gary R. Waters, Sundown
    Brandon L. Ellison, Sweetwater
    Allison B. Myers, Sweetwater
    Taryn N. Bishop, Tahoka
    Kadi D. Larpenter, Tahoka
    Kollin B. Long, Tahoka
    Sebastian L. Strickland, Tahoka
    Lauren P. Robinson, Tarzan
    Coy C. Cowan, Terrell
    Samantha S. Basaldua, Tulia
    Blaze N. Berry, Tulia
    Reina M. Lewis, Tulia
    Mackenzie S. Fletcher, Universal City
    Stacha D. Whitaker, Whiteface
    Karina K. Lopez, Whitharral
    Trammell R. Rutledge, Whitharral
    Joseph R. Warren, Wichita Falls
    Cody R. Cross, Wilson
    Mary A. Backus, Wolfforth
    John R. Curtis, Wolfforth
    Ashley E. Garza, Wolfforth
    Lindsey M. Johnson, Wolfforth
    Madison P. Lynskey, Wolfforth
    Rebekah L. Martin, Wolfforth
    Carol J. Miller, Wolfforth
    Andrea L. Montemayor, Wolfforth
    Kristie G. Olbera, Wolfforth
    Billie D. Randolph, Wolfforth
    Justin P. Robinett, Wolfforth
    Robert J. Salazar, Wolfforth
    Zachary B. Schilly, Wolfforth
    Karri A. Swafford, Wolfforth
    Jason T. Vanover, Wolfforth
    Melissa R. Farnsley, Wasilla, Ark.
    Stephen G. Payne, Powder Springs, Ga.
    Kelli N. Kindig, Heyburn, Idaho
    Derek A. Bohl, Ulysses, Kan.
    Jason A. Fustin, Warren, Mich.
    Jeter J. Cotton, Alamogordo, N.M.
    Joey Orona, Carlsbad, N.M.
    Daniel R. Lester, Lovington, N.M.
    Josh D. Valencia, Lovington, N.M.
    Jackson J. Langenderfer, Metamora, Ohio
    Mason M. Langenderfer, Metamora, Ohio
    Christopher M. Farris, Durant, Okla.




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