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    CONTACT: Myrna Whitehead


    Spring 2014


    SPC honors students named to fall 2013 Dean’s lists


    LEVELLAND – South Plains College recently recognized students achieving academic excellence by naming them to the President’s and Dean’s Honor Lists for fall 2013 semester.

    “Students who achieve academically exemplify the best students at South Plains College. We commend them for their academic excellence,” said Jim Walker, vice president of Academic Affairs.

    Students named to the Dean’s Honor List earned at least a 3.25 grade point average with no failing grades while carrying at least 12 credit hours.


    They are:

    Stephen J. Abbott, Lubbock

    Juan F. Acosta, Lubbock

    Brandon W. Adams, Lubbock

    Chase L. Addington, Wolfforth

    James L. Adkins, Lubbock

    Alexis E. Aguilar, Lubbock

    Jolee S. Aguilar, Lubbock

    Nickolas R. Aguirre, Tahoka

    Paul M. Aguirre, New Deal

    Theta R. Ainsworth, Levelland

    Chijioke M. Akusoronwa, Lubbock

    Bobby J. Alaniz, Brownfield

    Julian Alaniz, Brownfield

    Travis S. Albrecht, Abernathy

    Edward V. Alderson, Lubbock

    McKaile E. Alexander, Levelland

    Christopher A. Allbright, Levelland

    London T. Allen, Brownfield

    Jennifer M. Allgood, Lubbock

    Brandon G. Allison, Lubbock

    Collin J. Allison, Lubbock

    Olivia F. Alonso, Lubbock

    Jamie L. Alvarado, Brownfield

    Leticia A. Alvarado, Brownfield

    Gregorio Andazola, Tokio

    Holly A. Andersen, Lubbock

    Vanessa D. Andrae, Lubbock

    Cody A. Angel, Alpine

    Jose G. Anguiano, Plainview

    Krystal N. Applegate, Lubbock

    Irene Arebalo, Lubbock

    Jake A. Arellano, Amarillo

    Maeghan A. Arledge, Lubbock

    Tasia D. Arnold, Lubbock

    Cristina Arroyo, Levelland

    Nathan C. Ashby, Levelland

    Lydiah K. Asiagi, Lubbock

    Jessica M. Ausemus, Lubbock

    Synithia M. Aviles, Ballinger

    Donald R. Axtell, Idalou

    Sayed K. Azizi, Levelland

    Maegan C. Bacigalupo, Lubbock

    Isidro Baeza, Andrews

    John S. Baker, Huntsville

    Joshua T. Balderas, Lubbock

    Amanda Balderrama, O'Donnell

    Darryl W. Baldwin, Lubbock

    Pedro Ballesteros, Lubbock

    Justin V. Banman, Lubbock

    Heath P. Barfield, Abilene

    Stephen R. Barnes, Lubbock

    Diego A. Barreda, Lubbock

    Luis R. Barreda, Lubbock

    Nicolas D. Barrera, Lubbock

    Mark S. Battle, Lubbock

    Nicholas G. Beard, Lubbock

    Shelby L. Beardsley, Sundown

    Shawnee J. Beaty, Lubbock

    Danielle L. Beaudoin, Lubbock

    Joseph T. Beazley, Lubbock

    Haley M. Beesinger, Canyon

    Sofia M. Belgara, Allen

    Jaaron J. Bell, Plains

    Brittany A. Belmont, Lubbock

    Katerina M. Benson, Levelland

    Chad M. Berry, Lubbock

    Josh M. Besse, Wolfforth

    Todd J. Bezner, Lindsay

    Allie C. Black, Ozona

    William C. Blackmon, New Braunfels

    Macy D. Blair, Lubbock

    Regan A. Bland, Lubbock

    Leslie A. Bointy, Lubbock

    Cole T. Bollinger, Idalou

    Lenzi D. Booker, Lubbock

    Stephinie R. Bost, Smyer

    Jim E. Bowie, Lubbock

    Ariel A. Bracken, Lubbock

    Joshua E. Bradford, Grandfalls

    Danci J. Bradley, Aspermont

    Celestine M. Braker, Guthrie

    Amy D. Bridges, Lubbock

    Amber D. Briggs, Lubbock

    Briana S. Brigham, Garland

    Gilbert A. Briones, Brownfield

    Samantha K. Brookes, Lubbock

    Sierra A. Brooks, Pilot Point

    Derek P. Brown, Wolfforth

    Jessica A. Brown, Lubbock

    Ariel J. Bryant, Lubbock

    Stacy A. Bull, Plainview

    Spencer W. Burdett, Lubbock

    Jaclyn S. Burns, Lubbock

    Ashleigh D. Busbea, Lubbock

    Brittany P. Butler, Lubbock

    Haley B. Butler, Roanoke

    Ashley N. Buzbee, Big Spring

    Javier O. Calderon, Plains

    Katherine R. Calvert, Lubbock

    Rachel C. Campbell, Gunter

    Christian R. Cantu, Olton

    Robert Cardenas, Lubbock

    Amanda B. Carroll, Lubbock

    Caitlin A. Carroll, Lubbock

    Andrew L. Castillo, Meadow

    Jacob D. Castillo, Littlefield

    Jeremy L. Castro, Lubbock

    Kendra N. Cathey, Lubbock

    Eddie J. Cerda, Plainview

    Vanessa A. Cervantez, Idalou

    Megan R. Chambers, Lubbock

    Colleen M. Chavarria, Lubbock

    Mark A. Chaves, Wink

    Cristobal A. Chavez, Lubbock

    Cade A. Cheatham, San Antonio

    Patiance L. Childers, Levelland

    Louis M. Chiodo, Lubbock

    Dakota K. Chote, Smyer

    Phillip J. Coggins, Lubbock

    Taylor M. Cole, Lubbock

    Ashleigh N. Colvard, Lubbock

    Jennifer A. Colvin, Morton

    Stephen R. Constancio, Shallowater

    Kevin Contreras, Guthrie

    Bari K. Cook, Lubbock

    Holly P. Cooke, Plainview

    Darren A. Cooper, Lubbock

    Ciara J. Cope, Merkel

    Collin R. Copple, Tyler

    Mariano Cordero, Montague

    Christina M. Cormier, Lubbock

    Nancy G. Corona, Levelland

    Joshua J. Coronado, Brownfield

    Reynaldo R. Coronado, Littlefield

    Martha G. Cortazar, Plainview

    Jacob A. Cottle, The Colony

    Anna J. Cowan, Lubbock

    Tabitha K. Cowen, Lubbock

    Terence E. Cox, Rockwall

    Colby W. Crisp, Levelland

    Johnathan L. Cristan, Littlefield

    Kayla M. Crow, Lubbock

    Kyle M. Crow, Seagraves

    Katy A. Crutcher, Tahoka

    Desiree R. Cruz, El Paso

    Shavia K. Curry, Lubbock

    Garet M. Dade, Amarillo

    Samikshya Dahal, Lubbock

    Trent D. Dailing, Dalhart

    Taylor S. Daily, Lubbock

    Seth A. Dain, Wolfforth

    Lauren A. Dale, Lubbock

    Heather D. Damron, Littlefield

    Collin J. Davila, Midland

    Elsie A. Davis, Lubbock

    Tanner C. Davis, Lubbock

    Chelsea A. Day, Lubbock

    Veronica J. Day, Shallowater

    Madylin N. De Leon, Crane

    Cody E. Deardorff, Lubbock

    Keri M. DeBusk, Floydada

    Kalee J. Dehnel, Sundown

    Enrique DeLaCruz, Lubbock

    Jacob A. DeLaCruz, Lubbock

    Ruben Deleon, Floydada

    Jennifer L. Delua, Lubbock

    Ross J. Demarais, Spring

    Taylor T. Deshazo, Lubbock

    Priscilla Devita, Lubbock

    Bobby G. Diaz, Lubbock

    Dan N. Dioses, Lubbock

    Alexis L. Dodson, Lubbock

    Sammy L. Dominguez, Lubbock

    Stephen R. Dominguez, Lubbock

    Laci D. Dugan, Stanton

    Sara S. Duncan, Weinert

    Anisa M. Duran, Levelland

    Joshua C. Duran, Lubbock

    Dakota M. Earnest, Plains

    Carol A. Edwards, Levelland

    Kirsty M. Edwards, Lubbock

    Dana K. Ehrlich, Plainview

    Brandon D. Ellis, Lubbock

    Christopher R. Entrop, Belton

    Eliza A. Escamilla, Slaton

    RoseAnn N. Espinosa, Plainview

    Morganna C. Espinoza, Lubbock

    Justino R. Esquivel, Lubbock

    Joe D. Estrada, Levelland

    Sarah E. Estrada, Levelland

    Collin S. Evans, Sundown

    Charles C. Eveler, Lubbock

    Caleb A. Fabila, Idalou

    Zackery D. Fair, Lubbock

    Allison M. Farr, Littlefield

    Ernesto H. Favela, Lubbock

    Samantha H. Feagin, Lubbock

    Jose M. Fernandez, Lubbock

    Ashley E. Fischer, Lubbock

    Cort E. Fisher, Tahoka

    Corey D. Flach, Pipe Creek

    Marielena Flores, Bovina

    Lara B. Fly, Lubbock

    Jonathan W. Fonner, Levelland

    Delainy R. Fowler, Amarillo

    Samantha M. Friesen, Seminole

    Caleb J. Fryar, Lubbock

    Tyler G. Fulton, Throckmorton

    Bradley D. Funk, Lubbock

    Kayleigh J. Gabbert, Aledo

    Breanna N. Gage, Whitharral

    Derek M. Galindo, Lubbock

    Gina M. Galvan, Lubbock

    Manuel A. Gamez, Tokio

    Derek B. Garcia, Lubbock

    Draven S. Garcia, Denver City

    Ernestina A. Garcia, Lubbock

    Guadalupe F. Garcia, Levelland

    Jose S. Garcia, Lubbock

    Joseph A. Garcia, Lubbock

    Rebecca M. Garcia, Anton

    Rose A. Garcia, Lubbock

    Stephanie L. Gardner, Lubbock

    Jenny L. Garrett, Lubbock

    Luke S. Gary, Welch

    Jennifer R. Garza, Lubbock

    Linda D. Garza, Levelland

    Savannah J. Garza, Seagraves

    Wade M. Gass, O Donnell

    Zachary G. Gass, Lubbock

    Justin G. Gatica, Plainview

    Chase H. Gibson, Lubbock

    Tayler S. Gibson, Keller

    Savannah M. Gideon, Lubbock

    Ryan T. Giesbrecht, Lubbock

    Joseph G. Giittnger, Lubbock

    Tyler P. Gilbreath, Levelland

    Cole H. Gilmore, Lubbock

    Elisha D. Gilmore, Lubbock

    Erin C. Gilmore, Lubbock

    Bruce E. Goheen, Lubbock

    Carmen Gomez, Lubbock

    Elijah N. Gonzales, Lubbock

    Jonathan Gonzales, Plainview

    Rebecca Gonzales, Lubbock

    Samantha D. Gonzales, Levelland

    Dulce M. Gonzalez, Levelland

    Jeremie J. Gonzalez, Lorenzo

    Michael G. Gonzalez, Lubbock

    Selena D. Gonzalez, Lubbock

    James K. Gossett, Post

    Blake A. Grant, Levelland

    Michael D. Graves, Lubbock

    Amy R. Green, Sundown

    Mateo J. Grimaldo, Lubbock

    Heather N. Gross, Lubbock

    Shelby P. Groves, Seymour

    Matthew C. Guerra, Lubbock

    Daniel E. Gurule, Lubbock

    Ashley Gutierrez, Lubbock

    Marc A. Hackstedt, Needville

    Lane D. Hale, Ozona

    Madeleine E. Hale, Lubbock

    Tina L. Hall, Lubbock

    LaKrisha P. Hamby, Lubbock

    Mandy L. Hamilton, Wolfforth

    Allie N. Handlon, Decatur

    William S. Hardin, Lubbock

    Bradley S. Harkrider, Ransom Canyon

    Ameer J. Haron, Lubbock

    Laketon C. Harris, Pampa

    Veronika J. Harris, Lubbock

    Chelsea A. Haston, Anton

    Johnny L. Haynes, Levelland

    Marshal W. Head, Lubbock

    Robert J. Henderson, Lubbock

    Katherine J. Hensley, Lubbock

    Loren L. Hensley, Lubbock

    Elias Hernandez, Lubbock

    Rigoberto Hernandez, Seagraves

    Vanessa Hernandez, Plainview

    Aaron J. Herrera, Lubbock

    Eric J. Herrera, Lubbock

    Brittany E. Herrin, Lubbock

    Larnce E. Hicks, Denver City

    Aaron C. Hill, Levelland

    Lyndie A. Hinson, Spur

    Santa Martha Holguin, Brownfield

    Misty L. Hollingsworth, Lubbock

    Jenna Holt-Day, Levelland

    Kodi J. Hoskins, Lubbock

    Sarah D. Hostick, Lubbock

    Danette Howell, Littlefield

    Blake J. Hudson, Plainview

    Tannon C. Hudson, O Donnell

    Rene Huerta, Plainview

    Kara D. Hughey, Lubbock

    Darryl A. Hunn, Slaton

    Mikaela J. Hurd, Lubbock

    Britt K. Hurst, Lubbock

    Trevor L. Hust, Lubbock

    Maranda Hymes, Lubbock

    Bridget M. Irons, Levelland

    Eric S. Irvine, Lubbock

    Crystal R. Jackson, Lubbock

    Joshua T. Jackson, Lubbock

    Keila D. Jennings, Farwell

    Kyle D. Jennings, Farwell

    Jarrod K. Jesko, Muleshoe

    Becki L. Johnson, Lubbock

    Lori D. Jones, Lubbock

    Rashell L. Jones, Lubbock

    Tarna A. Jones, Lubbock

    Monica M. Joseph, Plainview

    John S. Kaelin, Lubbock

    Benjamin R. Kalvoda, San Angelo

    Madison M. Kauffman, Lubbock

    Cassady G. Keener, Lubbock

    Samuel G. Kelley, Levelland

    Irene J. Kimaiyo, Lubbock

    Janet L. King, Levelland

    Skye B. King, Lubbock

    Tylo J. Kirkpatrick, Crosbyton

    Nicole E. Kitten, Slaton

    Eva Klassen, Nazareth

    Reanna M. Krapf, Westbrook

    Ashley J. Kuehl, Ralls

    Brandon E. Kura, Austin

    Ashley N. Kusia, Lubbock

    Dakota R. Lambert, Andrews

    Meggan E. Langford, Lubbock

    Dustin R. Langston, Midland

    Christopher L. Lara, Lubbock

    Laura L. Lara, Lubbock

    Timothy P. Lawrence, Lubbock

    Brady R. Leach, Haskell

    LouAngeline Leano, Lubbock

    Delacey A. Ledbetter, Lubbock

    Matthew T. Ledesma, Slaton

    Callan N. Lee, Snyder

    Mack D. Lees, Kress

    Ashton A. Lehmann, Levelland

    Donald J. LeLeux, Levelland

    Aubree A. Lester, Post

    Stephanie E. Letkeman, Wolfforth

    Brian D. Lewis, Lubbock

    Julia M. Leyendecker, Plainview

    Kayla D. Lipes, Sundown

    Michelle N. Lira, Shallowater

    Amy C. Liu, Lubbock

    Jimmy J. Loa, Lubbock

    Bethany M. Longoria, Levelland

    Gabriela Longoria, Lubbock

    Amanda N. Lopez, Lubbock

    Amora Lopez, Sundown

    Zuzel Lopez Del Castillo, Lubbock

    Stacha D. Lopez, Levelland

    Gypsy E. Lovington, Seagraves

    Marco A. Lua, Lubbock

    Ashley N. Lucas, Lubbock

    Maria E. Lucio, Plainview

    Timoteo Luera, Lubbock

    Brenda Luna, Tulia

    Hector L. Luna, Levelland

    Timothy J. Lynskey, Wolfforth

    Megan Macias, Levelland

    Elizabeth G. MacPhie, Lubbock

    David P. Maddox, Itasca

    Leslie N. Magana, Lubbock

    Seth D. Mahan, Welch

    Katherine N. Mamwacha, Lubbock

    Rodrigo A. Mandujano, Lubbock

    Erandi M. Marasinghe, Lubbock

    Emily A. Margrave, Lubbock

    Jeremy D. Marlar, Lubbock

    Ericka G. Marquez, Tahoka

    Jordan B. Martin, Plains

    Ryan Martin, Levelland

    Amber L. Martinez, Lubbock

    Bethany C. Martinez, Lubbock

    Cesar O. Martinez, Breckenridge

    Daniel Martinez, Seagraves

    Enrique Martinez, Lubbock

    Estrella C. Martinez, Littlefield

    Filiberto Martinez, Plainview

    Jonathon J. Martinez, Sweetwater

    Luisa A. Martinez, Denver City

    Monica M. Martinez, Lubbock

    Pedro J. Martinez, Plainview

    Randye E. Martinez, Lubbock

    Tony Martinez, Wolfforth

    Mary L. Marzak, Lubbock

    Andrew C. Mason, Lubbock

    Martin E. Mata, Plainview

    Jimmy D. Maynard, Denver City

    Zachary N. Mays, Wylie

    William C. Mcallister, Austin

    Kadeeja L. McCall, Lubbock

    Dillon R. McConal, Seagraves

    Preston E. McCullough, Saginaw

    Cameron l. McDonald, Pampa

    Jessica A. McDowell, Littlefield

    Gary S. McDuffey, Levelland

    Wesley A. McGlory, Sugar Land

    Rachel A. McKinney, Lubbock

    Cameron S. Mckusker, Lubbock

    Jaime Q. McLaurin, Lubbock

    Brady K. McLellan, Lubbock

    Maverick S. McNeese, Littlefield

    Kaitlen E. McNeill, Wolfforth

    Emmalyn L. McQueen, Lubbock

    Chad K. Meador, Wolfforth

    Ashley Medina, Crane

    Christina Medrano, Lubbock

    Eric Medrano, Lubbock

    Kaitland P. Melton, Lubbock

    Raquel R. Mendez, Lubbock

    Christopher G. Mendiola, Mission

    Lorena Mendoza, Kress

    Marvin A. Metz, Lubbock

    Matthew K. Metzler, Lubbock

    Matthew B. Mills, Lubbock

    Teianna M. Mitchell, Lubbock

    Justin B. Moczygemba, Wilson

    Tashina M. Moe, Lubbock

    Gregory P. Mojica, Lubbock

    Antonio Molina, Muleshoe

    Carlos F. Molina, Floydada

    Alexandra M. Montes, Levelland

    Alyssa R. Moore, Munday

    Linda G. Moore, Littlefield

    Mallory R. Moore, Stamford

    Bridget S. Morgan, Tuscola

    Alize D. Morris, Fort Worth

    Lauren N. Morrow, Levelland

    Sierra S. Motley, Van Alstyne

    Benjamin E. Mumy, Lubbock

    Allison L. Munoz, Lubbock

    Tristan L. Murphy, Lubbock

    Sylvaine K. Ndo Ondo, Lubbock

    Arezki Nefouci, Lubbock

    Cody M. Neighbors, Brownfield

    Alex M. Nelson, Lubbock

    Caitlyn E. Netherland, Sudan

    Corey S. Newsome, Plainview

    Judith V. Ngitir, Lubbock

    Neyka N. Nichols, Lubbock

    Jonathan C. Nieman, New Home

    Levi W. Norman, Levelland

    Caitlin E. Norris, Amarillo

    Fatima S. Nunez, Lubbock

    Mary Catherine E. Nunez, Lubbock

    Kelsey J. Nutt, Floydada

    Ijeoma C. Nzekwe, El Paso

    Stephen B. O'Dell, Lubbock

    Joshua R. Ochoa, Lubbock

    Mia N. Ochoa, Levelland

    David T. Odell, Lubbock

    Kristin N. Ogilby, Lubbock

    Erika L. Olivas, Lubbock

    Angelica Olvera, Floydada

    Mercy A. Ombogo, Lubbock

    Peter O. Ongolo, Lubbock

    Samantha P. Ortiz, Lubbock

    John J. Overman, Levelland

    Megan R. Owen, Lubbock

    Christian L. Pacheco, Levelland

    Shelby D. Padgett, Wolfforth

    Torri L. Pannell, Ravenna

    Jacob T. Parker, Denver City

    Sydney S. Pasma, Lubbock

    Mason R. Payne, Lubbock

    Paige N. Paz, Lubbock

    Brianna E. Peavler, Heath

    Joshua T. Peek, Graford

    Meggan A. Penka, Plainview

    Linda P. Penny, Lubbock

    Sheila R. Peralta, Levelland

    Mark A. Pereida, Crosbyton

    Andrea R. Perez, Meadow

    Joe L. Perez, Plainview

    Mayra Perez, Lubbock

    Megan N. Perez, Shallowater

    Noelle A. Perez, Hereford

    Oyuki Perez, Morton

    Pricilla Perez, Levelland

    Sonia G. Perez, Lubbock

    Annette K. Peters, Lubbock

    Alannah C. Pichla, Levelland

    Kolton R. Pirkle, Shallowater

    Stephen R. Plummer, Lubbock

    Courtney T. Pommerening, Grand Prairie

    Kevin C. Porter, Lubbock

    Pablo E. Portillo, Levelland

    Melissa C. Potter, Levelland

    Sarah K. Potts, Lubbock

    Crystal C. Prieto, Lubbock

    Emily B. Prisk, Floydada

    Caleb J. Pruiett, Brownfield

    Danielle N. Pyle, Lubbock

    Brandon G. Pyron, O'Donnell

    Courtney D. Rackler, Slaton

    Julia-Anne M. Ramirez, Ralls

    Jose M. Ramirez-Vega, Littlefield

    Pablo E. Ramon, Lubbock

    Catherina L. Ramos, Lubbock

    Gladis Ramos, Muleshoe

    Christian R. Rangel, Friona

    Bailey R. Ray, Midland

    Benjamin R. Reckner, Ropesville

    Amber L. Reyes, Levelland

    Andrew Reyna, Vernon

    Marina S. Richter, Lubbock

    Stacey R. Riojas, Plainview

    Brittani N. Ritcherson, Lubbock

    Austin T. Rittenberry, Lubbock

    Logan M. Robb, Nazareth

    Gary W. Robbins, Lubbock

    Kyle Robinson, Levelland

    Daniel L. Rodriguez, Levelland

    Fabio Rodriguez, Lubbock

    Kimberly A. Rodriguez, Lubbock

    Michael A. Rodriguez, Idalou

    Michael R. Rodriguez, Lubbock

    Rehann L. Rodriguez, Lubbock

    Sarahi Rodriguez, Olton

    Trey J. Rodriguez, Wolfforth

    Ty L. Rodriguez, Wolfforth

    Joseph C. Rodriquez, Levelland

    Joseph K. Rohrer, Lubbock

    Chyenne S. Rojas, Littlefield

    Coby L. Rotan, Midland

    Jose L. Rubalcava, Levelland

    Garrett M. Rudiger, Plano

    Myrisa K. Rutter, Lubbock

    Aaron M. Saenz, Floydada

    Raul M. Saenz, Anton

    Luis G. Salazar, Houston

    Romeo N. Salinas, Slaton

    Emilio E. Sanchez, Lubbock

    Jacinto Sanchez, Levelland

    Lynsie R. Sanchez, Lubbock

    Megan A. Sanchez, Lubbock

    Cynthia M. Sandoval, Lubbock

    Jacob Santellana, Stinnett

    Alyssa M. Santos, Lubbock

    Deirdre M. Saran, Lubbock

    Steven J. Sarkis, Lubbock

    Tammie K. Sauceda, Lubbock

    Brandon R. Schaefer, Ballinger

    Zachary B. Schilly, Lubbock

    Chelsea B. Schulte, Nazareth

    Bridgette D. Scoggin, Lubbock

    Leandra C. Scott, Levelland

    Shannon N. Scott, Whiteface

    Shelby D. Sechrist, Lubbock

    Spencer R. Sedgwick, Ralls

    Salvador T. Segura, Levelland

    Ashley A. Seifert, Lubbock

    Natasha D. Sell, Lubbock

    Sunni K. Sexton, Shallowater

    Ashlyn N. Shanafelt, Lubbock

    Seth T. Shanklin, Rocksprings

    Casey L. Sharp, Levelland

    Liliya Sholom, Lubbock

    Denton P. Siddoway, Lubbock

    Tracey W. Siegfried, Lubbock

    Caitlin M. Simmons, Midland

    Britt J. Simpson, Roaring Springs

    Taylor S. Sims, Wolfforth

    Robert J. Smedley, Lubbock

    Cheyene D. Smith, Lubbock

    Donna J. Smith, Lubbock

    Dora J. Smith, Lubbock

    Emileigh Smith, Lubbock

    Johnathon T. Smith, Lubbock

    Rachel N. Smith, Littlefield

    Riley B. Smith, O Donnell

    Haleigh B. Smoot, Lubbock

    Breanna N. Snodgrass, Lubbock

    Logan A. Solomon, Lubbock

    Katherine Sommermeyer, Post

    Andrew Soto, Lubbock

    Cynthia G. Soto, Whiteface

    Oralia Soto, Wolfforth

    Mackinze B. Spears, Levelland

    Sydney M. Squires, Lubbock

    Trevor J. Staff, Lubbock

    Ashley M. Stansberry, Trinity

    Brittany L. Stanton, Idalou

    Chris L. Starks, Lubbock

    Jacob C. Stephenson, Lubbock

    Kyle D. Stewart, Salado

    Logan D. Stone, Levelland

    Billie R. Swearengen, Lubbock

    Treyman C. Swopes, Midland

    Daniel J. Syptak, Carrollton

    Samuel N. Tackitt, Lubbock

    Angelica H. Tarango, Morton

    Garrett W. Taylor, Lubbock

    Vincent P. Tedford, Brownfield

    Luke A. Terry, Roby

    Callie D. Thomasson, Ackerly

    Tara K. Timms, Sudan

    Kristin L. Tims, Lubbock

    Matthew G. Torralva, San Antonio

    Jovanna Torres, Lubbock

    Krystal K. Torres, Lubbock

    Selena Torres, Lamesa

    Karen A. Trevino, Littlefield

    Ashley R. Turner, Loop

    Celina S. Turner, Shallowater

    Heather N. Turnipseed, Lubbock

    Kristen N. Turnipseed, Levelland

    Ryan P. Underwood, Lubbock

    Lindsay Urban, Lubbock

    Adam H. Urbanczyk, Wolfforth

    Hector L. Valencia, Lubbock

    Brice A. Van Dam, Smyer

    Shasta K. Van Meter, Mc Adoo

    Nick J. Varney, Lubbock

    Andres A. Vasquez, Lubbock

    Eli L. Vasquez, Morton

    Michael A. Vasquez, Lubbock

    Kyndra L. Vaught, Rotan

    Taylor R. Veach, Littlefield

    Jesenia A. Velazquez, Tulia

    Perla C. Venegas, Levelland

    Rosa I. Venzor, Slaton

    Luis F. Vida, Plainview

    Karin E. Viljoen, Lubbock

    Elizabeth G. Villa, Levelland

    Yolanda Villalobos, Denver City

    Lee A. Villarreal, Hereford

    Amber M. Villegas, Lubbock

    Deann Villegas, Smyer

    Marshall D. Vines, Mineral Wells

    Cristina A. Viramontes, Lubbock

    Jennifer Viurquez, Levelland

    Kathy D. Wafer, Lockney

    Ashlee D. Ward, Lubbock

    Steven R. Warren, Lubbock

    Kipty T. Watt, Levelland

    Garrett B. Watts, Lubbock

    Anna K. Weatherman, Lubbock

    Dylan Q. Weaver, Big Spring

    Cord J. Weinheimer, Stonewall

    Duncan J. Welch, Friona

    Alyssa M. Wesley, Petrolia

    Emily L. Wheeler, Brownfield

    Ashley B. White, Lubbock

    Shondra D. Wideman, Lubbock

    Zachary B. Wilbanks, Whiteface

    John L. Wilhelm, Nazareth

    Bridget S. Williams, Rotan

    Erica K. Williams, Littlefield

    Jathan L. Williams, Plainview

    John D. Williams, Levelland

    Nathan C. Williams, Lubbock

    Nikki D. Williams, Crosbyton

    Alexia L. Wilson, Lubbock

    Michael Winn, Lubbock

    Chance W. Winters, Albany

    Meghan K. Winti, Lubbock

    Ashleigh E. Wolbrueck, Allen

    Caleb J. Wood, Muleshoe

    James C. Wood, Lubbock

    Kendon A. Woodard, Lubbock

    Virginia L. Woodard, Lubbock

    Jodi L. Wright, Lubbock

    Brittany M. Wyatt, Lubbock

    Kylee B. Wyatt, Van Vleck

    Billie M. York, Lubbock

    Griffin L. Young, Plains

    Katelynn M. Young, Denver City

    Madison E. Young, Spring

    Shelia A. Young, Brownfield

    Michele R. Ysaguirre, Lubbock

    Preston S. Zant, Lubbock

    Richard A. Zapata, Lubbock

    Sarah P. Beasley, Arlington, Wash.

    Derek A. Bohl, Ulysses, Kan.

    Rayven S. DeYapp, Farmington, N.M.

    Colton S. Hancock, Fountain Green, Utah

    Clayton N. Jones, Champaign, Ill.

    Roderick B. Lawrence, Orlando, Fla.

    Daniel R. Lester, Lovington, N.M.

    Kylee J. Mackelprang, Monroe, Utah

    Karina A. Marquez, Hobbs, N.M.

    Marcus S. Massey, Rio Rancho, N.M.

    Alistair A. Moona, Baltimore, Md.

    Morgan N. Pearce, East Moline, Ill.

    Sarah K. Peterson, Carlsbad, N.M.

    Tanner C. Robbins, Farmington, N.M.

    Kirsti A. Shough, Clovis, N.M.

    Juanita L. Sierra, Jacksonville, Fla.

    Brianna D. Surratt, Lovington, N.M.

    Jacob K. Teague, Leslie, Mich.

    e M. Wheeler, Clovis, N.M.


























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