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    CONTACT: Myrna Whitehead
    (806) 716-2212

    SPC honors students named to President’s Honor List for spring 2014

    LEVELLAND – South Plains College recently recognized students achieving academic excellence by naming them to the President’s and Deans’ Honor Lists for spring 2014 semester.

    “Students who achieve academically exemplify the best students at South Plains College. We commend them for their academic excellence,” said Jim Walker, vice president for Academic Affairs.  

    Students named to the President’s Honor List earned a 4.0 grade point average while enrolled in at least 12 college credit hours.

    They are:

    Griselda Acevedo, Levelland
    Michael Acevedo, Abernathy
    Veronica Adame, Lubbock
    Amanda Adams, Anton
    Brandon Adams, Lubbock
    Jennifer Adams, Lubbock
    Holly Aiken, Levelland
    Chijioke Akusoronwa, Lubbock
    Marisol Alonzo, Lubbock
    Janette Anderson, Lubbock
    Shawn Anderson, Lubbock
    Rebecca Antcliff, Lubbock
    Elena Antele, Lubbock
    Leslie Applegate, Lubbock
    Rosemarie Astwood, Lubbock
    Frances Atha, Levelland
    Christina Ballesteros, Lubbock
    Cory Banman, Seminole
    Bianca Barreto, Lubbock
    Jazmin Barron, Lubbock
    Danielle Beaudoin, Lubbock
    Joseph Beazley, Lubbock
    Matthew Benoit, Lubbock
    Chad Berry, Lubbock
    Kevin Bess, Lubbock
    Taya Bishop, Tahoka
    David Bobb, Lubbock
    Lannon Booth, Lubbock
    Austin Boulter, Lubbock
    Steven Brock, Littlefield
    Thiess Brown, Lubbock
    Eric Brownlee, Lubbock
    Jake Brozek, Bovina
    Sara Bruegel, Lubbock
    John Buckle, Denver City
    Stacy Bull, Plainview
    Nick Bursch, Lubbock
    Claudio Bustos, Levelland
    Brittany Butler, Lubbock
    Ashley Buzbee, Big Spring
    Joanna Byrne, Lubbock
    Javier Calderon, Plains
    Katherine Calvert, Lubbock
    Ryan Carpenter, Lubbock
    Laura Cauley, Lubbock
    Adriana Chairez, Plainview
    Victoria Chavez, Lubbock
    Palita Chayamitr, Lubbock
    Cade Cheatham, San Antonio
    Dylan Cheatham, Lubbock
    Patiance Childers, Levelland
    Janine Claridad Cabanilla, Lubbock
    Cameron Coffman, Midland
    Quay Collom, Levelland
    Bryan Conn, Brownfield
    Nancy Corona, Levelland
    Joshua Coronado, Brownfield
    Jeter Cotton, Lubbock
    Candice Cowan, Lubbock
    Jason Crome, Lubbock
    Kelsi Crooks, Strawn
    Christopher Crumley, Lubbock
    Kip Dallas, Lubbock
    Dylan Davila, Littlefield
    Grant Davis, Lubbock
    Cody Deardorff, Lubbock
    Keri DeBusk, Lubbock
    Ruben Deleon, Floydada
    Erik Delgado, Plains
    Stephen Dominguez, Lubbock
    Jakob Driver, Lubbock
    Jim Dukatnik, Levelland
    Alexis Dunn, Lubbock
    Angela Eggert, Levelland
    Raymond Elizondo, Levelland
    Eliza Escamilla, Slaton
    Jeff Essary, Lubbock
    Jose Ferrer, Kress
    Marielena Flores, Bovina
    Alicia Fowler, Lubbock
    Derek Galindo, Lubbock
    Segundo Garcia, Plainview
    Sarah Garner, Lubbock
    Javier Garza, Littlefield
    Linda Garza, Levelland
    Savannah Garza, Seagraves
    Cole Gilmore, Lubbock
    Alfred Godino, Canadian
    Lucas Goforth, Lubbock
    Oracio Gomez, Denver City
    Nadia Gonzalez, Lubbock
    Blake Grant, Levelland
    Justina Guenter, Brownfield
    Joani Guetersloh, Plains
    Randal Guinn, Idalou
    Alejandro Gutierrez, Denver City
    Lane Hale, Ozona
    Selena Hall, Lubbock
    Angela Hamilton, Lubbock
    Slimane Hamzaoui, Lubbock
    Jamillah Harrod, Lubbock
    Chelsea Haston, Anton
    Haley Hawkins, Lubbock
    Desirae Hays, Lubbock
    Marshal Head, Lubbock
    Josue Hernandez, Bowie
    Karen Hernandez, Lockney
    Felipe Hernandez-Yebra, Weslaco
    Edy Herrera, Lubbock
    Eric Herrera, Lubbock
    Jason Hoffman, Lubbock
    Gustavo Holguin, Amherst
    Jenna Holt-Day, Levelland
    Krystyn Hucks, Lubbock
    Austin Hufford, Lubbock
    Trevor Hust, Lubbock
    Jason James, Plainview
    Taylor Jaquez, Seminole
    Neiba Jimenez, Abernathy
    Clayton Johnson, Lubbock
    Danielle Johnson, San Antonio
    Sarah Johnson, Lubbock
    Lori Jones, Lubbock
    Matthew Jones, Gardendale
    Makenzie Keneda, Wolfforth
    Mitchell Kennedy, Lubbock
    Dwayne Klassen, Lubbock
    Ksenija Korac, Lubbock
    Ashley Krahn, Levelland
    Emily Ladd, Lubbock
    Christopher Lara, Lubbock
    Laura Lara, Lubbock
    Brittany Larsen, Lubbock  
    LouAngeline Leano, Lubbock
    Donald LeLeux, Levelland  
    Adam Lewis, Lubbock
    Lisa Lilley, Lubbock
    Tanner Loveless, Slaton
    Justin Lowrey, Idalou
    Landon Lynskey, Wolfforth
    Elizabeth Mangum, Lubbock
    Cassandra Marshall, Post
    Conner Marshall, Lubbock
    Woodrow Martin, Littlefield
    Carlos Martinez, Lubbock
    Daniel Martinez, Seagraves
    Matthew Martinez, Lubbock
    Jose Mata, Lubbock
    Billy McBee, Lubbock
    Gary McDuffey, Levelland
    Rachel McKinney, Lubbock
    Katelyn McKinnon, Lubbock
    Linda Mecalco, Lubbock
    Ashley Medina, Crane
    Christina Medrano, Lubbock
    Kristen Meeks, Lubbock
    Juan Mendoza, Plainview
    John Mesa, Littlefield
    Zachary Michaels, Lubbock
    Mikal Miner, Hale Center
    Antonio Molina, Muleshoe
    Joy Monico, Lubbock
    Steven Montez, Plainview
    Mallory Moore, Rule  
    Daniel Moser, Lubbock
    Veronica Muniz, Levelland
    Denton Musick, Lubbock
    Batya Naiditch, Lubbock
    Landon Nauert, Stamford
    Tien Nguyen, Lubbock
    Neyka Nichols, Lubboc
    Corey Nickelson, Littlefield
    Fatima Nunez, Lubbock
    Nora Nunez, Plainview  
    Kelsey Nutt, Floydada
    Joshua Ochoa, Lubbock
    Ajibola Olayinka, Levelland
    Erika Olivas, Lubbock
    Justin Osborne, Lubbock
    Monica Pacheco, Plainview
    Maria Pedraza, Lubbock
    Meggan Penka, Plainview
    Emily Pettiet, Lubbock
    Kolton Pirkle, Shallowater
    Chamarae Polk, Midland
    Shyla Presley, Lubbock
    Denis Quant, Lubbock
    Houston Quintanilla, Meadow
    Mikal Ramon, Lubbock
    Gladis Ramos, Muleshoe
    James Rardin, Lubbock
    Devin Ratheal, Lubbock
    Kara Reynolds, Lubbock
    Richard Ricker, Lubbock
    Patrick Rios, Friona
    Brittani Ritcherson, Lubbock
    Werner-Axel Ritual, Lubbock
    Tyler Roberts, Lubbock
    Calvin Robinson, Quanah
    Josue Rodriguez, Lubbock
    Maria Rodriguez, Lubbock
    Alyssa Sanchez, Levelland
    Amanda Sanchez, Meadow
    Kasandra Sauceda, Olton
    Byron Scharf, Monahans
    William Scott, Lubbock
    Shelby Sechrist, Lubbock
    Salvador Segura, Levelland
    Casey Sharp, Roby
    Michaela Shedd, Levelland
    Kathleen Sides, Dimmitt
    Michael Siebman, Lubbock
    Irma Simental, Levelland
    Robert Simpson, Lubbock
    Amy Smith, Lake Jackson
    Naomi Snider, Lubbock
    Christa Spedding, Lubbock
    Clifford Stafford, Levelland
    Brittany Stanton, Idalou
    Stacy Stephenson, Lubbock
    Tod Stinson, Lubbock
    Kirsten Stone, Lubbock
    Billie Swearengen, Lubbock
    Garrett Taylor, Lubbock
    Luke Terry, Levelland
    Jordan Thompson, Seminole
    Chelsea Tibbets, Idalou
    Kayla Tilley, Big Spring
    Lucas Tomblin, Lubbock
    Krystal Torres, Lubbock
    Alexandra Trevino, Lubbock
    Jeffrey Trojacek, Lubbock
    Mario Valdez, Plainview
    Nick Varney, Lubbock
    Kyndra Vaught, Rotan
    Sandy Velazquez, Tulia
    Rosa Venzor, Slaton
    Elizabeth Villa, Levelland
    Desiree Villarreal, Plainview
    Lindsey Waldo, Lubbock
    Jayc Waller, Idalou
    Kipty Watt, Levelland
    Ryan Watts, San Antonio
    Bridget Williams, Rotan
    Hollie Williams, Kress
    Taryn Williams, Levelland
    Jay Willson, Lubbock
    Lia Wilson, Lubbock
    James Wood, Lubbock
    Colton Wynn, Lubbock
    Nan Xiao, Lubbock
    Anne Butt, Flemington, N.J.
    Sarah Peterson, Carlsbad, N.M.
    Dillon Sampson, Marietta, Okla.
    Katherine Sommermeyer, Las Vegas, Nev.
    Seaver Tate, Clovis, N.M.



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